Tuesday, September 10, 2013

All about Noni Mix Juice

Good day to all,

I am a distributor of Nonimix Juice based in Kuala Lumpur. Nonimix is a pure herbal product and a food supplement suitable for various ailments.

Below are some important information about NONI MIX:

Nonimix tonic is prepared from Noni fruit processed from whole Noni fruit (Morinda Citrifolia) especially grown in an area away from human habitation, meticulously harvested and processed by traditional herbal masters with no fumigants, no toxic flavourings or commercial fruit juice used.

Besides being predominantly formulated from the extracts of Morinda Citrifolia , Noni mix is  also a combination of high quality natural health enhancers in it.

Noni Mix is many times richer in Noni fruit solids than other Noni products. In addition,the cold processing assures that all enzymes, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fibre remain just the way it was picked,
nothing added, nothing removed.

Benefits of drinking NONI MIX:
  • * An anti oxidant
  • * Body cell function at optimum level
  • * Purifies blood
  • * Improves immune system
  • * Improves general wellbeing
  • * Protects against bacterial and viral infections.

NONIMIX is generally beneficial as a food supplement for the following health  conditions:- Diabetes, Cancer, blood pressure, heart ailments,asthma, immune system improvement, flu, arthritis etc

 For more info please visit www.nonifamily.net

For further enquiries or to make an order, please contact me at +6019 2503248 or +6012 2953786. The price is RM130.00 per bottle for a 800ml bottle 

(FREE delivery within Kuala Lumpur area).

Find me on Twitter : @NoniMixJuice

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